Hello, I'm L.R. Hale, and I unfortunately work as a retail caricature artist a certain crusty theme park. Anyway, here's where I post my caricatures from work. Enjoy...

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December 6th
2:40 PM

I did all of these on the day before Halloween this year. In celebration, a coworker and I agreed to draw a black cat in every caricature regardless of what they want to be doing to the drawing. I wish I could show hers, ‘cause hers were way more clever. I was really surprised no one asked about the black cats in their drawings…

Okay, so in the first one, they wanted a wedding theme so they can use the drawing for their wedding somehow. I drew a black cat anyway, lol.

Now, in the second one, when I asked what they wanted, they said, “Make us 50’s.” I just blinked at them for a minute and said, “Huh?”. They were all like, “You know, like from Crybaby.” So, this is that’s what they ended up with. Whatever. that car is the same car I use for my default Six Flags drawing, lol.

In the third one, they just had awesome faces. I was pretty proud of the likenesses in this one. Same thing with the fourth and fifth ones. Also, my boss had to point out to me that I was drawing a whole lotta cleavage in all my drawings so far…

The sixth one is sporting my default Six Flag body. And, the last one is my favorite… for many, many reasons.

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